Chorus: B / B / G#m / G#m / C#m7 / F#7 / B / B
Verse: C / Am / G# / G#m / E / D

no doubt about it
we´re just gliding
our feet don´t touch the ground
´cause we´re just gliding
into the night

Verse 1:
When we´re gliding side by side
there´s less and less to say
while we´re looking through the clouds and know
that we won´t cry and we won´t die for sure today

Verse 2:
You made my heart dancing
to the rhythm of your heels
now we´re gliding through our lives
and touch the ground
from time to time to check the way it feels

©1987 Haug/Maloo/Z-Music/SUISA

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