Afraid Of The Darkness

Verse: Dm / Dsus / Dm7 / Dm6 / Gm / A7 / Dm
Chorus and bridge same as verse but end with Am

You say strange things are going on
in your head at night
when you go to bed
when you turn off the light.
You´re so afraid of the darkness
so afraid when you´re alone
is that why you stay up all night
is that why you don´t wanna go home

You don´t have to be afraid of the darkness
I´m here to hold you tight
there´s nothing going on but love tonight
you don´t have to hold my hand in the dark
I´ll make you feel alright
I´ll make sure there´s nothing going on
but love tonight

It´s so easy, you will see
all it needs is you and me
and you´ll be alright tonight
you´ll see

©1992 Kurt Maloo/RondorMusic/SUISA

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